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Hekili Can Now Be Viewed In Hanalei, At Ohanalei, Kauai

Hekili, "Thunder" in the Hawaiian language is the name of Troy's new painting.

Most of Troy Carney's art is inspired by his environment and in this case it was the sound of rolling thunder and how familiar this is to a large breaking wave.

While on an island in the Andaman Sea last year from September to November, during Southeast Asia's Monsoon season, Troy spent most of his days sketching inside as thunderstorms were relentless during this period. Everyday the beach out in front of his bungalow would wash away with flooding rivers then be replenished with fresh sand on the high tide. During this time Hekili was one of many untitled wave ink sketches Troy created. Upon returning to Kauai Troy was greeted with more thunder and rain. Through January to March 2023 Troy Carney worked on this new piece during the surprisingly stormy Hawaiian Winter, so it only seemed appropriate Troy felt to call the piece Hekili "Thunder".

View Now at Ohanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. Click Here For Gallery Location

Hekili, "Thunder" 12.75"x24.75"x3.25" 25lbs. Oil Paint, 25k Genuine Gold, 12 layers of art on Cotton Bristol, 21 layers of Resin, on wooden box frame with Big Island Koa.

View Now at Ohanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. Click Here For Gallery Location

Hekili took a lot longer than Troy Carney's other pieces. Not only because of the extra detail to gold leaf and layers to paint, but because this is the first Gold and Resin piece Troy has created by cutting and engraving completely with a laser cutter that he acquired last year. From the ink sketch each layer had to be separated and converted into a digital formate for the laser understand. Although this is a very time consuming procedure (compared to the knife Troy has used up until now) now the substrate being cut can be a lot thicker and have more detail. But with more detail comes more time painting and gold leafing of the edges.

Troy Carney hopes you enjoy this piece and the process it took to create Hekili.

View Now at Ohanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. Click Here For Gallery Location

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