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Welcome To The Launch Of Troy Carney's New Website

Updated: May 25, 2021

Aloha and welcome to the new official Troy Carney Art website where you will find Troy's Genuine Gold Paintings with rich pigmented oils and acrylics set in a multi dimensional, deep resin finish. These art pieces are windows into layers of art gilded in gold by using a technique Troy has been developing since 2004. With this new website you will find an easier way to view and see the latest news and sales while enjoying the celebration of art.

Troy Carney's art is inspired by the beautiful islands of Hawaii from the clouds and waterfalls to the seas below. He introduces the swirling motion of natures designs to his work. The mixing of Gold and Sacred Symbology is Troy's way of sharing the importance of water. With the fusion of other countries Troy has traveled for study and inspiration (such as Cambodias ancient temples of Angkor Wat) he has created these multi dimensional Golden Thangkas for us to see water as a beautiful, precious and fascinating element to give thanks to, that all living things are made of and is too often taken for granted or overlooked. Enjoy!


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