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Second Gallery Opened 1st of October

Updated: Oct 29, 2023


When you come to visit us in the Old Historic Town Of Hanapepe you will notice the Gallery I opened in July has moved one building over and has grown substantially in size. My new Troy Carney Art Gallery is the first building coming into Old Town in the two story building on your left. Adress is 3900 Hanapepe Rd Hanapepe, HI 96716.

I have the space now to showcase more of my pieces of art and some of my unseen works. Also I have brought in Frank Pullano's amazing Koa Wood Work along with Cheri Ashman's original paintings and reproductions on canvas, paper matted prints and greeting cards.


Frank Pullano Koa Wood Work

Frank Pullano is a good friend of mine and I will be displaying his traditional and contemporary handcrafted Koa furniture and canoe paddles. Pullano lives on the island of Kauai, considered the "Garden Isle" of the Hawaiian island chain. It is here on Kauai that Frank Pullano creates his own unique style of Koa outrigger canoe paddles and custom fine furniture featuring curly Koa wood mostly grown in the rain forests of the big island of Hawaii. Koa trees, native to the Hawaiian Islands, can be found primarily at high altitudes on the Big Island. There, in the dense rain forest, trees reach heights up to 100 feet with a potential life span of four hundred years. Prime conditions of heavy rainfall, high altitude and rich soil produce a wide variety of color and grain patterns, making Koa wood highly treasured and sought after.


Cheri Ashman Art

Cheri Ashman was born in New Zealand and raised on a farm many miles inland from

the sea. From her home valley there was a distant glimpse of the blue Pacific Ocean

where she often day dreamed about living near.

Cheri received formal training in many classic mediums while in attendance at the Elam

School of Fine Arts at Auckland University.

Cheri Ashman spent several years of travel and gathering inspiration through the fascinating lands of the Australian outbacks, Indonesia and Asia before settling in Hawaii.

Haena on the North Shore of Kauai has been her home for the past 40 years. A small isolated community that has endured more than a normal share of natural disasters.

Cheri finds inspiration for her paintings on her daily walks along beautiful beaches picking

shells and playing in her garden. She now goes to sleep each night to the sound of the amazing Pacific Ocean.

Cheri Ashman is also my mother.

Makana Splendor

Makua Morning Bliss

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