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Sketches of Buildings and Boats in Thailand

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

So my trip here in Thailand is about to come to and end. After almost 3 months of wet season the sun is finally coming out more frequently. Some of this trip was spent in the north but most has been in the south on Phi Phi Island located in the Andaman Sea. When I arrived here, back in early September I took a sketching course with Ink Pen and Copic Markers. The course was all about loosening up and having fun with exaggerated lines. Also on Phi Phi Island my girlfriend Ja has a business called Ja Ja Cafe and Spice (very good healthy food), some of these images from my sketch book are in the process of becoming postcards, posters and other items for sale at her location. I have two travel sketch books, one is of buildings from Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok river homes. The other book is more "Waves and Waterfalls" which is Kauai inspired and sketched with my layer paintings in mind.

These are from my sketch book "Buildings and Boats" that is still growing with more squiggles.


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